I’m Fer, from Chile. I graduated from an Arts and Humanities program from PUC with major in Creative Literature and minor in Cinema.  Above all I’m a maker of everything that comes to my mind. Currently focused on digital animation, illustration and ceramics but always learning new techniques.

During 2015 I studied Art Direction at Buenos Aires and two animation courses at the School of Visual Arts NYC (Digital composition and Stop Motion Animation).

During 2016 I studied theatre and street theatre, began my path in ceramic art and worked as a Community Manager.

This 2017 I’m still learning new skills and boosting the promotion of my fanzine #DecemberWaiting in Chile and the US.

Soy Fer, de Chile. Licenciada en Artes  y Humanidades PUC con especialidades en Narración y Audiovisual. Por sobre todo maker de todo lo que se me venga a la mente. Actualmente abocada a la animación digital, ilustración y cerámica, pero siempre aprendiendo nuevas técnicas.

Durante el 2015 estudié Dirección de Arte en Espacio Buenos Aires, Digital Composition y Stop Motion en la School of Visual Arts NYC.

Durante el 2016 estudié teatro, cerámica y trabajé como Community Manager.

Este 2017 sigo aprendiendo técnicas e impulsando mi fanzine #DecemberWaiting en Chile y Estados Unidos.



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